My First Day At Scit….!!!!

By Administrator 123erty

The journey for SCIT which is going to be my home away from home for the next two years (at least two… u never know your job lands you in the neighbouring companies too) started by bidding adieu to my hometown, Ahmedabad (too obvious as I m a fresher). The thought of Socrates: “ The examined life is not worth living” crossed my mind on leaving my place as many people do have these goose bumps of leaving their homes and blah blah blah but I was much more anxious and excited to undergo this rollercoaster(which I know it surely will) ride. I planned to reach the hostel a couple of days just to have a feel of the campus and get a little familiarize with the people who will be by my peers in the years to come. Arriving at the campus and completing all the formalities for registration, I checked out on all the facilities which I will have access to and found it to be above the mark from what I had expected and heard of.

The Induction ceremony started as scheduled with the seniors hosting the event and welcoming the guests which included the members from the SYMBIOSIS Board and an SCIT alumni- Mr. Abhilash Verma, Director, CITRIX. The candle was lighted by the Directors and the Chancellors of the University and as per the protocol, the Director of our institute, Dr R. Raman started with welcoming us and letting us know the insights of the college and what it has in store for the ones who have shown faith by selecting the institute. It truly made me feel that we too are not less than the renowned top B-schools where everyone desires to be. The Director of Symbiosis and the Chancellor of the Symbiosis University made us aware of the SYMBII culture which now is going to be attached as a tag with us for the rest of the life. The principal director of the University was shocked to see the new batch following the dress-code with the guys dressed as hotel management graduates (as that was the colour combination for us and each of the 80 odd guys had followed it) and the girls in salwar-kurtis. Also the chief guest, an alumnus from the same college entrusted us to have faith in the college and just work hard towards the aspirations we have dreamt of. With the completion of the ceremony, the round of introductions started between INDIA and PAKISTAN (this is how boys and girls act in their initial days) at the lunch which carried on till the dinner time and which will continue for days to come as the institute has planned many sessions for the same. Arriving back at the hostel even the guys started to gel very well with each other(not to say the topics which makes guys connect to each other such as booze, smoke, hobbies and the most important ‘GIRLSSSS’) and it already seems a “house on fire” from Day 1 as the day ended at 1am….!!!

Hoping for many more sleepless nights to come…..!!!!!


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