First Day @ SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

First days are always important just like first impression and the first day gives you the very first impression of how the rest of the journey is going to be.  Being an optimist I had lot of expectations from my first day at SCIT i.e. “The Induction Day”.


The function was to start at 11.30 a.m. I was very excited so got ready quickly and hurried to the auditorium. As u can expect from any college under the umbrella of Symbiosis University everything was perfectly coordinated and was timely.

At first we were shown a short film on Symbiosis which elucidated the vision of our founder director and how symbiosis came into existence. Then we were shown some more videos regarding SCIT and various achievements of students of SCIT. After watching those videos I felt as if the college has been tailor made for me and I belonged here because SCIT not just gives you industry specific knowledge but also gives you a life changing experience which will leave a mark on your professional and personal life and will help you in all round development.


This thought became stronger when the panelist started addressing us. Our director gave us an insight on how we need to prioritize our tasks in a very illustrative fashion. He also advised us and encouraged us in many other topics. Everyone in the auditorium was listening to the entire panelist with rapt attention. The Chief Guest of our induction day was Mr. Abhilash Verma, Director Citrix. There was one more credential to this gentleman’s profile and that was SCIT!!! He was an SCIT alumnus. He mentioned how SCIT shaped his career.

The entire function concluded after playing out the national anthem pumping my heart with patriotism and a vision to excel in my personal and professional life in order to serve my country in a better way.

This was a very memorable day for me and I am very sure the first day at SCIT will inspire me till the last day of my life.