First day in SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: June 14, 2014Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on First day in SCIT

The morning was a bit different than usual, standing in front of the gate of SCIT, looking around with a feeling of perplexity of what the college has in box for me and joy of being a college student again, I entered the campus. My batch mates were standing there; I followed them to the hall where some ice breaking session was planned for us so that we all become comfortable with each other.

I introduced myself to some of my batch mates and vice versa and made some friends during the session. After the first activity was over went for lunch with new friends, during lunch I was told by my friends about the schedule (no Sunday holiday) which was told the day before which we will have to follow for the next 2 years and my expectations of a relaxed college life with less work pressure seemed to be a farfetched dream.  After having lunch we went for the second ice breaking session there I met my btech junior and I was more than happy to see her, felt a bit relaxed as now I have a batch mate from my native place, you always want someone from your home town; human psychology it is. After the second session chatted with some seniors of ours and got some useful tips about how to break college rules without getting caught, and some time management tips as well, after that it was dinner time, had dinner which I didn’t like (obviously nothing can match home food, will be used to it after a while) went back to hostel. So all in all it was a good day, made new friends and enjoyed playing fun filled games.