First Day Of Being An SCITIAN 🙂

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The day started with the thrill of joining one of those institutions of which I had dreamt about almost everyday after the pi- wat process of SNAP had ended .  With all the goodbyes and kisses from the family members I started my journey to pune where this dream education institution of mine has grown its roots and has almost taken over the world. After boarding  the early morning flight and if I tell early morning I mean it because it was a 5 o clock flight . I was in the dreams of SCIT dint feel hungry or sleepy the excitement was off the charts .

After reaching pune took a cab for the SIC hostel  and I already started loving this city even though it was my first visit . it started with the hostel registration and hence I got room in the hostel  and let me tell u one thing seeing the arrangements in the hostel  I was really happy and a very good feeling that ya my stay at the SIC hostel will be a memorable one. Later in the day I had the opportunity to meet few of the people who were already in contact with me due to the facilities provided by various social networks for example facebook. Meeting new people from various background  and cultures was almost the full day activity. In the afternoon all the 2014-16 joinees were called for lunch in the SIC INFOTECH campus and ya its one hell of a campus from swimming pool to gym and ya an awesome  basket ball court which almost brought that uncontrollable smile on my face due to the fact that I m a basketball fanatic.

We had our lunch performed some of the assigned formalities. The most exciting and fun part of my first day at SCIT was when all of us around 10 friends went for shopping  together  to the famous D Mart that was the best time cos everybody had a their own shopping  list and the mess we created in that mart was hilarious . So this was my experience of the first day at SCIT hope u like what u read and if you do please like and leave a commented it will be really appreciated . I would like to end this blog with the poem

Take a deep breath as you open up the door,

This is the place you will make it and break for,

The eyes of the familiars judge the new ,

The ways of new places must conform to,

its almost the same as expected and what i bargained for,

But this is the place i must place myself  for now,

So just take a sigh and take a bow,

you have to be very hearty,

Because this my friends is the MIGHTY MIGHTY SCIT !!!!!!!