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TEDxSIHUHinjewadi Videos

Here Comes the VIdeos of the most awaited event TEDxSIUHinjewadi. The event which kept u all motivaTED and thus left a Lasting Impression on the Audience.   1) Anniruddha Bahal-   The Power of Investigations The talk is all about the importance of sting operations in a country like India.   2) Harpreet Singh Grover – Youth Employment in India The talk gives a clear picture about the youth employment in our


“SCIT”-The name that kept ticking in my mind since the PI-WAT day. Dreams, ambitions, expectations, fear all of these piled up day by day as I waited for a new journey, a new life to begin. The 3rd of June the hostel reporting day was my first day in campus. It was a hell tiring day as the whole day I had been busy packing my luggage till the last

First Day Of Being An SCITIAN :)

The day started with the thrill of joining one of those institutions of which I had dreamt about almost everyday after the pi- wat process of SNAP had ended .  With all the goodbyes and kisses from the family members I started my journey to pune where this dream education institution of mine has grown its roots and has almost taken over the world. After boarding  the early morning flight