TEDxSIHUHinjewadi Videos

By Administrator 123erty

Here Comes the VIdeos of the most awaited event TEDxSIUHinjewadi. The event which kept u all motivaTED and thus left a Lasting Impression on the Audience.


1) Anniruddha Bahal-   The Power of Investigations

The talk is all about the importance of sting operations in a country like India.


2) Harpreet Singh Grover – Youth Employment in India

The talk gives a clear picture about the youth employment in our country, its standards and industry expectations.


3) Anshulika Dubey – Philanthropy 2.0

The talk revolves around how philanthropy has been democratized with crowdfunding and is no more the privilege of the rich and the resourceful.


4) Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa) – The Secrets of the Gods

The talks reveals the secrets of the Indian Gods and Goddess.


5) Ravi Theja Muthu – SCREW Ups lead to SUCCESS

How screw ups help in making you successful


6) Sangeet Chopra – Why should we learn hacking?

The talk is about the importance of knowing the vulnerabilities present in order to safeguard the mission critical information.


7) Siddhant Pai – The power of technology and enterprise making difference

The talk is about empowering the people by revolutionising the normal way of working.


8) Kanchan TK –  Teach. Lead. Inspire.

The talk was to lead like teachers and inspire like mentors with a sense of nobility and not from a position of power.It was to look at leadership without the lens of Stereotype.


9) Sahil Khan – We still hunt for food

Well if you call yourself a foodie then this talk is for you. It draws a thin line between actual foodies and the people who call them so.