By Administrator 123erty

“SCIT”-The name that kept ticking in my mind since the PI-WAT day. Dreams, ambitions, expectations, fear all of these piled up day by day as I waited for a new journey, a new life to begin.
The 3rd of June the hostel reporting day was my first day in campus. It was a hell tiring day as the whole day I had been busy packing my luggage till the last minute! Being here in Pune for the last 5 years Hinjewadi was not a new place to me and neither was the campus location. But yes entering the SIC campus was something I always dreamt of.
My parents were here and after all the packing was done we left for the campus at about 2 pm. Reaching the campus and being allowed to enter the SIC gate was the best feeling ;). So let me tell you about my very first impression about this campus. The campus was spot clean. Buildings well maintained and well painted. Trees and bushes well maintained, security was in proper uniform and the surrounding felt so peaceful. I didn’t know where the car parking, my hostel, or the warden office was. Asking the security at the gate somehow we managed to find the needful. First I went to my hostel warden who was sitting at the desk on the ground floor. I couldn’t make out who the warden was as there were 2-3 people more on the desk but I managed to guess :P. I finished my hostel registration and I with my mom dad went up to my room with the luggage. The hostel building and corridors were also clean and tidy. My room being on the 6th floor the corridor was airy and so was the room. I was first to shift in my room so couldn’t really meet my roommates (I was really tensed on who and how will my roommate be!!). Getting down I could locate the canteen and the mess. I saw few girls dressed in pretty saree’s and boys dressed in formals (seniors obviously). I kept staring at them and realized I am one of them now! 
My parents were staying at my relatives place so I left the campus with them with excitement only to return next day for the “Induction”. My first day at SIC was a short time but what I eagerly waited for was the Induction-The first formal welcome. I did not know any one from my batch so I felt a bit lost the next day. Girls and boys sat in formals in the auditorium and waited for the function to begin. I sat among them and gradually spoke (just asking name and hostel block) with a couple of girls sitting next to me.
The symbiosis film, the speech given by Dr. Raman, Dr. Vidya, Dr. Gupte, and the young chief guest Mr. Abhilash was a tremendous encouragement. At that moment I felt that my decision was not wrong and that all the efforts that I took are worthwhile. Today I feel honored and proud to be a SCITian and a member of the Symbiois family.