My First Day At SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

Well If I had to describe my first day at scit in one word , it would be hassle free .

I arrived in pune city one day before the date to report for registrations . and reached the college half an hour before the reporting time and guess what !!! No One was there .

I was excited and thrilled to be here . Just when I started to look up the notice boards , someone came by me , introduced himself , turned out to be my batch mate . I was happy to have met at least one of my batch mates . And then the numbers started to pour in . We kept on introducing for a while ,then registration desk opened and registration stated . Again the registration was smooth , it took 3 minutes hardly to register . Then we went to hostel with a couple of guys to register for hostel. Got the hostel keys , Relaxed a bit , went around to get to know the hostel . In the evening we went to A shopping mart to get  the essentials ,like pillows ,etc  , and then returned back . I then got my things settled in the room and went for dinner .
After the dinner I was too tired and thus went off to sleep .
And that’s how my first day at scit went .

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