My first day @ SCIT

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My first day @ SCIT

5th June 2014,evening was the time when I first stepped into SCIT, hostel-D. As I entered into my room (room number-920), it was a quite nostalgic experience as it brought back the golden memories of my engineering days, withered walls of the room, study table, single door wardrobe and two cool roomies who would the part and parcel of my life for the days to come. The first timers at hostel may grumble about the hostel rooms lacking in the luster, as compared to their homes, but this  look and feel of hostel rooms which I have been longing for nearly 3 years, when I was working  for a MNC and  was staying in the rented apartment.

6th June 2014, Bang on time @ 10 A.M., most of us gathered around swimming pool area. After 15 minutes or so we were told to move to the SCIT reception compound area. I saw two faculty members coming  with loads of five star chocolates in a polythene. Few things doesn’t change even if we grow older, i.e., frenzy for chocolates. We played three very interesting games as a part of ice breaking sessions. After those three activities I was fortunately able to remember so where around fifteen to twenty people. It was a  pretty nice initiative. At 3:30 pm we assembled near swimming pool area as three very engrossing activities were lined up for our division, division C. In those three team building exercises I got to interact with lot of new folks. After activities @ 5 P.M. traversing towards my D-Hostel from SCIT, chit-chatting with my new SCIT colleagues, only words on every mouth were “It was pretty tiring day after all the activities, but was worth experiencing”.

As expressed above, my first day @ SCIT was  an incredible experience.

Mighty-Mighty SCIT!!


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