First Day At SCIT

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WARNING: This is going to be the first the blog that I have ever written in my life.

First of all I was really glad about joining this prestigious institute for pursuing MBA(ITBM) as I was targeting for it from the very beginning. I was staying with my brother and hadn’t shifted to hostel yet so I had to come to the college on a bike. This was when I came to know about the peak hours’ traffic of Hinjewadi area. And thanks to that I was late for the college on my first day. Since I was in a hurry I just had a glance at the main building standing in front of the gate and there it was Symbiosis Infotech Campus. For a moment I stopped and asked myself, “Am I in the right place?” because as far as I know it was SCIT not SIC. I asked the security guard about it and he gave me the directions to the auditorium where the induction was going on.

Since I was late for the induction, when I entered the auditorium it was all dark and there was some video playing on the screen. I didn’t know what to do now so I stood there thinking where should I sit. Being the first day of college every one tends to be serious about everything and to show that everyone tries to grab a seat in the first 3-4 rows. But I was late and as far as I could see every single seat in the first 8-10 rows was occupied so I had no option but to go and get a seat in one of the last rows. I started ascending towards the last row and grabbed a seat next to a parent. As soon as I sat down I saw everyone was talking pictures of the stage so I thought maybe I should also do the same. But then I gave a second thought to it and it felt naive to me so I didn’t click any pictures.

Everything was cool and calm, videos n comparing was going on and then there was an announcement that now our Director is going to address us. “This is going to be another boring lecture and I am going to sleep through it”, these were the first words that came to my mind. But as our Director proceeded with his presentation I must say I was proven wrong to my core. I had never witnessed such an interactive presentation on motivating the students on their first day of college. He is such a dynamic personality as everyone said it on that day again and again and I think we students are really fortunate to have Dr. R Raman as our Director. There were other members of Symbiosis Society too who gave impressive motivational speeches that day.

Now the induction had come to an end and I was free for the rest of the day. I thought maybe I should go to the hostel and have an introduction with my roomies. I went there, saw the lock on the door and used my key to open it. As I entered the room, to my surprise I saw all the three beds and wardrobes were already occupied.” How could it be? Who is that third person I my place? Is my hostel registration cancelled as I didn’t report on time?” I became worried and went to the warden downstairs where I found out the room was allotted to me only and the person in my place has to shift out. So I called my roommate to find out who it was. He gave me the third person’s name and number and I called him to inquire about everything. He told me that he was heading towards the hostel only and be there in ten minutes then we can talk about it.

As soon as he came back I told him about the misunderstanding about the room and that he has to shift out. He said that as he had unpacked all his stuff already wouldn’t it be easier if we could just swap our rooms as I was yet to shift in the hostel. I thought about it and told him let us have a look at the rooms first. As I had a look at both the rooms there wasn’t much of a difference between both of them so I settled swapping rooms with him and met my new roomies. I could tell looking at their faces that both of them had been scholars in their colleges and had a sense of relief that thank god I don’t have to study on my own. These people are going to study hard and I can always copy their notes. We three had a really nice conversation for a couple of minutes including the educational background, work-ex etc. and I told them about when I’ll b joining them in the hostel. After that I took a leave from the hostel as it was already 5.30pm and I didn’t want to be stuck up in the peak hour’s traffic again. This was all about my first day at SCIT. I don’t know what else to write and all I can say is may these 2 years be full of fun and enjoyment that every one of my batch mates would remember for the rest of their lives.



Shashvat Dev Gupta