First Day at SCIT

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Before Jumping into the topic, This is my First Blog of my life and this is the first time going out of my home for 2 years. Please Excuse if there are any mistakes in my English.

I booked Mumbai express , but as the joining date got pre-poned in the last moment I was unable to get train tickets so had to come by bus, Reached SCIT on 2nd june and completed the Hostel registration, Got some good friends on the first day itself, went to hostel with them and took the bed which is closest to the window, the view from my window is awesome there is a “Phanera variegata” a type of Flower plant which grew till my window and there are the IT companies which I dreamt to join after my MBA, this view was very pleasant, it made me to sing my favorite song.., it’s the same “Home away from Home” as told by SCITians on facebook.
I was very busy with shopping and other works on 3rd june, thanks to D-mart , shopping went pretty well.
4th June, the day of Induction in one of the Premier IT business school Symbiosis Center for Information Technology. Got up early in the morning and got ready with White Full Sleeve shirt and Black trousers as specified in the schedule, Had my breakfast which is just like home food by 8.00 am and started to college which is around 1 km from hostel, we went as a group to college as a saying “unity is strength” it was like a parade of marshals, we went to SCIT auditorium in which it was written “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” , it means the whole world is one single family. Yes now I am also a part of this big family of SCITians.

At 11.30 am the Induction programme started with the Film on Symbiosis international university and about the story behind opening the institute by Dr. S.B. Mujumdar. Than a Film on Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology was shown, which tells us about the origin of SCIT and the mission and vision of SCIT to make future leaders in information technology arena. Then Director Dr. R.Raman, Principal Director Dr. Vidya Yeradekar, Vice Chancellor Dr.Rajani Gupte, Chief Guest Mr. Abhilash Verma Director of Citrix were called on to the dais and the Induction programme was started by Lighting of the lamp with chanting Saraswati vandana. Then we were addressed by our honorable director Dr. R. Raman, he told many things about SCIT and showed wonderful Power point presentation which made us think about the coming 2 years, it showed us how this 2 years are going to be in SCIT, he also warned us about the negative powers which would be acting on us, he showed how to handle the distractions, interruptions which will try to affect us in study life. I am very happy that a person with such huge sack of knowledge is going to lead us from front to achieve our aim. I am unable to explain all the things , as it’s a one time opportunity to listen and it can’t be explained in words. If you must experience it to understand IT at SCIT.
Then we were addressed by Principal Director Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, She told about increasing value of Entrepreneurship and lack of new entrepreneurs in the market, She told to focus on getting into business after completing MBA. She told that they are about to start a new Research and Development center for Entrepreneurs in Symbiosis.

Then we were addressed by Vice Chancellor Dr. Rajani Gupte, She told about the new Challenges that we are going to face in this 2 years of MBA in ITBM, she told about the changes that are taking Place in IT and she told that we should always be learning and updating ourselves as IT is the only place where new developments come rapidly and it’s an ever changing domain, she told about the other MBA specializations life finance, sales, marketing which don’t get rapid changes but coming to IT which changes day by day, she told us to concentrate on studies these 2 years and be ready to face the industry with a mindset of upgrading and updating the knowledge we have. She told us to be like a software version which is always updating to a new version.

Then we were addressed by our Chief Guest Mr. Abhilash Verma, Director of Citrix and who is none other than an Alumni of SCIT i.e 2003 batch, he has become the Director of Citrix in a short span of 11 years. He told about the life in SCIT, He told about the lecturers who are always there to help us , not only in studies but also in day to day activities, He told us to enjoy the life in SCIT, he told us to be part of the events that take place and he told to concentrate on Studies as well as on other activities as one without the other will make us miserable, He explained his life when he was in SCIT and when he went to the industry, He told us how the knowledge he attained in SCIT helped in industry, He told us about the different certifications that SCIT provides in different specializations, he showed us the different opportunities that will be opened for studies who have done MBA in ITBM, He encouraged us and told we are different from other MBA graduates as we are into techno functional side of the industry, He explained about the type of work he does and the way in which he learnt in SCIT, He told that industry is always dynamic and he told that we should always be upgraded to be in the industry, I was surprised to see the maturity he attained in such a short span of time.
Then Vote of Thanks was given by Dr. Dhanya Pramod. And induction programme ended by our National Anthem.
Induction Programme showed me my next 2 years in my life which will be very important, I have decided to follow all the instructions given by our Director Dr. R. Raman and all the dignitaries and make my 2 years MBA in SCIT a memorable one, with this thought in my mind I had my lunch in SCIT cafeteria and I went to our Hostel i.e D-Hostel with my friends at 3.00 PM.