First day at SCIT ,Living the MBA dream

By Administrator 123erty

My first day at SCIT was everybody’s 10th day !!! which is exciting and forbidding in its own way… I had my final semester exams going on when my friends started arriving in Pune. In fact I only had a time difference of 12 hrs moving from one degree to another ! Late in the evening in Delhi I was giving my last exam of engineering and the next morning I reached SCIT.

My first thought on arriving was that Symbiosis has a breathtaking campus with lush greenery everywhere . I then did my hostel and college registration , the faculty were very helpful and made me feel at home . Since I was a late arrival I had many apprehensions , there were so many doubts in my head but on arriving in my room and meeting my roommates getting to know my friends ,I finally was at peace. I was surrounded by so many sweet and endearing friends who guided me with the process to be followed. I then had a look around the sprawling campus and was truly impressed with the cleanliness and it’s wide open spaces . I was excited to know that apart from studying I would get an exposure to so many co curricular activities . I met a lot of new classmates and was amazed at the diversity in the college , We then had a SAMARAMBH meeting , where we interacted with the seniors , it was nice to know that we would be given such a large platform to showcase our talent . Simultaneously we had our photo shoot and measurements .

On the first day itself I had exposure to the wide range of possibilities existing around me. SCIT provides a huge boost for personality development not only academically but also in the avenues for sports , gymnasium , aerobics and even art of living . Being a part of SCIT made me feel privileged and truly happy .I haven’t spent a lot of time around here and even missed the outbound program but never for a moment my friends made me feel out of place , they helped me to settle down and this was truly a gift as it’s rare to meet people who can be so loving and share the same interests as yours .

SCIT has made an everlasting impression on my mind and it truly is an honour to be a part of this institution . I am sure that these 2 years will be an excellent learning opportunity for me.