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The first day of college ….there is much to say about it…I don’t know from where should I start.ok I just star from the beginning. It was a first day of my college and it’s unforgettable for me. At first I was really excited but little nervous I don’t know what is going to happen. Before joining the college I was anxiety and hoping about fitting in and making new friends and enjoyable.

CESARE PAVESE says “The only joy in the world is to begin. It is good to be alive because living is beginning, always, every moment. When this sensation is lacking€”as when one is in prison, or ill, or stupid, or when living has become a habitat one might as well be dead.

 HII I M HARSHADA, I m from Nagpur I completed my engineering from G H Raisoni College of Engineering.

After graduating from college I have no idea what to do…do job or continue to study. I gave all the exams competitive exams for job, for Mba College. Then I got the admission in this eminent and splendid college called SCIT [Symbiosis Center For Information Technology ] I was joyous because I didn’t expect this.

 The first experience of everything in life is so extravagant. Be it, your first day in college or a first job, the first experience comes with some uncertainty which makes it stirring.

I was excited but I was deponent too because I was going to leave my family. which is not at all easy for me.i never been away from my family so it was difficult for me to leave them. When I got know about that I was selected for scit hardly one month was there and I had lots of thing to do.i know u think it’s sufficient but it is not.

I was waiting for that day I Was Super Excited about My First Day of the College. I Was Feeling Nervous, Happy And Elicited At The Same Time. That Strange Feeling We All Go Through But Can’t Explain Exactly. I Have Started Preparing For My College A Fortnight Before.Shopping,How Would I Look, How Would I Talk, What Would I Wear Etc. Etc Etc.

The last day at home before arriving for pune oh can’t tell how difficult it was for me because I never being alone anywhere.i had my train reservation from Nagpur to pune. My father was there with me. He came with me in pune .

Finally The Day Come just reached pune .super excited and nervous my father was there with me .he was encouraging me and giving advice. And when I Reached My College. As I Entered the Premises it was splendid

I Enquired For My hostel room. It Was On The seventh Floor. Which is on the top. The mams who was the in charge of hostel who take care about everything she is really very courteous person she is talking with everyone with yieldingly. Which was really sweet? There Were Lot Of Students With Their Parents As Well. It Was A Really Very Awkward Feeling. Because There No Knowing Anyone and was quite afraid because many of them were experience and I m fresher’s but when I came to know that there are some fresher too I was propitiate with it. Then I went to my room my father was also with me I went to my room

When I entered   my room there was already someone else and she was my room partner. We introduced each other she became my first friend in college. After that we went to our college auditorium there were so many students sitting everyone were so excited what would going to happen. After that our guest arrived on stage we had Dr.R Raman director of our college, Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar principal director, Dr Rajani R Gupte  . They gave us such a demosthenian speech toe us how to deal with life problems. It was such a marvelous speech that encourages each person sitting in auditorium. I am really feeling delighted in this campus which shaped management careers of hundreds of its students. I dreamed for management career & now I got platform to convert it into really by means of my action. Here every action I will do have a impact on my individual & collaborative competence building.

Finally for my first day in SCIT, I will like to say “Usually when you ask somebody in college why they are there, they’ll tell you it’s to get an education. The truth of it is, they are there to get the degree so that they can get ahead in the rat race. Too many college radicals are two-timing punks. The only reason you should be in college is to destroy it.”
Abbie Hoffman