First Day in SCIT-New Phase New Beginning!

By Administrator 123erty

I want to start my journey  with the great saying by Martin Luther king which any  how resembles  to me  when I step down on the Pune Airport on 3rd June ’14   to  reach SIC campus  for MBA-ITBM   2014-16   programme with much expectations and  dreams in my eyes  for the   bright  future.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

I was coming from my  home town “Kanpur” with  biding  adieu to my  mom and dad  who have  more dreams and expectations from me and never ending strong faith in me ..

My state of mind  was that I was bewildered and sort of tsunami waving into my mind about my decision to shift from professional to academic  life but I was continuously  calming my self that  about  my decision  and  I was sure  that i will be successful in exploring unfathomable ocean.

Post reaching the airport having all the bargaining deals  like an  old lady   with the auto  driver  for half hour and trying  to win the deal   for just Rs 300  for  SIC Hinjawadi campus which was approx 30 km was like hitting head into the wall but this art was in my blood no matter I  win or loss.So cant help!After all the discussions and egoistic comments  between  the driver and myself  i managed to reach campus in just Rs 220 by   auto as well as by bus  with two heavy luggage in my hand so this was my first test of my managing and decision making skills  prior to MBA.

Post reaching the SIC campus ,searching for the hostel carrying  heavy luggage  was like  treasure hunt for me ,after checking with security guards  i got to know D hostel is approx 1 km away from campus but any how i  managed to  reach D hostel again negotiating with my mentor”auto vala”.. there fore I realize one thing for my next  two years of my life that  I  will get chance  to interact  frequently with auto drivers in MBA carreer..that’s sure!.. Finally i got my room  in hostel with two new  friends ,happily be called as “three musketeers”

Next day was the    induction day moreover to be called as beginning  D day in SIC auditorium in which the guest invited  was citrix director ,alumini of SCIT Abhilash Verma in which he  was allowed to share his  MBA experience with us . I reached at sharp 11 am for induction to begin  and was amazed to see all the beautiful white washed  faces in white formals like priest  waiting in any catholic church silently. However I was lucky to find the  last row seat as always  but  was not sure whom to speak and start the conversation and experiences. The guests arrived and was  welcomed  with lightening of the lamp .The overwhelming and motivated  speech of   director with slideshow which gave an overview of the MBA life at SCIT  and gave me strong feeling that for next two years i need to be multitasking  in order to have fun and handle academic pressure.

I was waiting  to find out the hostel rules and  regulations  but unfortunately  was not covered in induction, but was later covered by the Campus Administarator Col.Kadam. The speech given by Abhilash  stimulated  me to be in his shoes one fortunate day for being a complete successful man like Raymond. After the induction i got a lucky chance to interact with all my colleagues which felt me to realize everyone was here with a big dream in their belly…

Overall it was a great experience towards first ray of sunlight  which made me realize as beautifully said by Carl Bard.

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Welcome and cheers  to all my SCIT  friends…!!