Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology welcomes 2019-21 batch:Induction Programme

The very first day of college is very exciting for anyone and holds true for the new batch of SCITians too! The Induction programme  was inaugurated by Chief Guest, Mrs.Deepti Berera, Senior Manager- Deloitte. She is an esteemed alumnus of SCIT. She shared her exciting two years of stay at SIC campus and activities at SCIT. Her growth as an industry professional with challenges and success stories were inspiring. The

Campus Recruitment Programme 2015-16 at SCIT

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology(SCIT) Graduates get placed in reputed companies through its campus recruitment program. Amongst the various programs and activities that happen in any B-School in India, the campus recruitment program is the most looked upon. The key talking points revolve around the recruiter list, profile being offered to the students and one of most important, the CTC offered. SCIT with 17 years of its existence has constantly

First Day At SCIT

WARNING: This is going to be the first the blog that I have ever written in my life. First of all I was really glad about joining this prestigious institute for pursuing MBA(ITBM) as I was targeting for it from the very beginning. I was staying with my brother and hadn’t shifted to hostel yet so I had to come to the college on a bike. This was when I

First Day at SCIT

“Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.” We all get choices at every step in our life. All these options have goodies with them but we can’t get everything at the same time. We always have to make a choice, the one that will ensure the best for us. When I sat down to think where I wanted to see myself in the future, I too

The Proof of the Pudding

  The first thing (and I’d dare say the only thing) that comes to mind while selecting a B-school is “placements”. Which of the big investment banks/consultancy firms/tech firms (take your pick) come to campus and when? What was the highest and lowest package last year? What has been the trend of average packages over the last few years? The focus is always to think in terms of RoI and