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Why do we need PCI DSS compliance?

The transition of money from paper to plastic has made our life much easier; however, this changeover also comes at a price. There are various fraudulent activities practiced by attackers, which may put sensitive customer data at risk. Customers can suffer significant loss and inconvenience if data is stolen from the card. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the standard was created to increase controls around cardholder data

My First Day @SCIT

After a lot of efforts and slogging for about 6 months, the day finally arrived and I entered the esteemed SCIT College on 3rd June, a dream come true moment for me. Finally I am considering myself lucky to be a part of the huge Symbiosis family. The first day went in the hustle bustle of settling into the hostel and getting acquainted with my adorable roommates Shria Aakriti and

The Day Came!! My first day @ SCIT! :)

My  First Day @ SCIT- The Day for which I was waiting for so long. . . . 🙂   I came here to make friends for lifetime, for learning and for the experience… never thought that soon it will become my family… This line itself defines my experience at SCIT. Just Like everyone else out there I was also in a fear that what would happen on the very first

SCIT – A Dazzling step to future

Direct from the heart – Dil se( purely dilliwala). Arrived on 3rd , landed in SIC, the feel of loneliness , the weird chill in the spine and last but not the least the warmth of home everything started lingering on my mind. With hostel registration done and things set up(a bit only though), I took my steps towards the mess for my first meal, nothing special about anything without


I always wondered what would it be like to get a Bachelor-ate when I was in my 12th . Some said it would be difficult with all the assignments and the final year project whereas some said it all matters on the number of classes you attend. But,I had some wonderful days in my BTech. Going to classes at 8 in the morning, sleeping through the  lectures, bunking lectures and

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