The Best is yet to be- My first day at SCIT !!

By Administrator 123erty

As the driver pulled into the SCIT Campus a mixture of excitement and apprehension started brewing in my stomach. Excitement, because I was about to experience my student life again for the second time round albeit differently. A residual amount of apprehension existed, for that day I closed the doors of the past and opened the doors to the future to start a new chapter in my life. As I entered the campus the excitement grew multifold aware in some far corner of my subconscious mind that some of the best times of my student life might be spent here amongst a terrific bunch of people. The Campus was buzzing with loads of new students and their parents all equally high on energy and excitement as I was. As I made my way through the swarm of people at the main entrance a sea of pleasant smiles were exchanged and made it to the registration desk where the volunteers were handing out the induction kit to the newly joined students in a organised manner ,much to my surprise keeping mind the experiences I had faced in the past.

For the formal Induction programme the college had invited Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Dr. Rajani R.Gupte as well as our STAR Alumni (Abhilash Verma). I was keenly looking forward to event, hoping to pick up something good, which would help me in my future endeavours. As the dignitaries arrived led by Dr. R. Raman (Director), the students stood up to applaud them. The event started off with an exuberant address by Dr. Raman. His strong and inspiring words were enough for the students to feel vindicated of their choice of joining SCIT. His enlivening speech kept the students eyes glued at him with utmost concentration a very big round of applause of appreciation followed at the end of his speech. He was followed by Dr. Rajani Gupte and Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar who spoke at length about the university, its initiatives and also spoke in appreciation of Dr. Raman and his able leadership at SCIT. They were followed by Abhilash Verma (Director Citrix) who shared his valuable experience, his learnings out of his own student/professional life to help us make more informed choices in the future. He stressed on key points such as integrity, discipline, time management and so on, which would help us march confidently towards our goal.

Eagerly looking forward to the next 2 years in life and hoping that the ride would be a smooth one.

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