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The beginning from a new destination: MBA @SCIT

“It’s not the destination i am worried about; it’s the journey that thrills me”. A line well said and one that defines me. It all depends on the route you choose that leads you to the destination. On joining all the maps of the journeys I ever had, my experiences lead me to this new endeavor known as“SCIT”, a place where my journey to the real life begins. A two


MY FIRST DAY AT SCIT SCIT-situated on the outskirts of pune city is away from din and bustle.The surrounding is very peaceful and the weather is very pleasant.It is the second home where students from different background and culture come,live at the same place which makes it special in its own way.On my first day first day i met with different people who were very friendly and full of energy

My First Day @SCIT

It was the evening of 5th June when I reached SCIT. First I was very excited about the quietness and the cleanliness of the campus thinking that I would be residing here,but only to get disappointed later after learning that the first year boys students reside at a place called the D hostel,mere imagination of residing at a distant place made me feel anxious.After finding the D hostel with a

First day @ SCIT

Wednesday, June 04, 2014. I was feeling the billowing breeze on my face and the sunbeams were peeking through the window frames. Eyes half closed I looked at the table watch right beside my head. It was 9:00 am and I took a sigh! Thank God!! Not late. “M really loving the weather” saying I stood up from my bed and started my day. I put on my brand new

First Day @ SCIT

“GOOD MORNING AND WELCOME TO PUNE” were the first words that came to my mind when I woke up on 4thJune. It was going to be special, something extra ordinary and was hoping it to be fantastic too, because I was moving towards another dream of mine: Post Graduation in IT and that too from SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, a brand that speaks for itself. I reached Pune at around 11