A Promulgated Agnostic Resorting To Prayers

By Administrator 123erty

My name is Varun Roy(_SNAP ID_2003875) and I will relate to you my experience during the SCIT GE PI session that was scheduled on 7th February 2013, what you could possibly face too, tomorrow or the day-after.

I arrived inside the SCIT campus at 8 AM, by a bus provided by Symbiosis (you have to catch it from Atharva centre, Nr. Om Supermarket, Model Colony, Pune). I had done my research, the previous day, on how to reach the campus and I recommend everyone does the same to avoid the unnecessary charges of the Auto-rickshas. On entering the building, I was immediately directed to the ground floor open hall by professionally-dressed seniors (hopefully my seniors during the coming SCIT term 2013-15), and was told to be seated there among other nervous candidates like me. We were called in order, according to the GE PI number specified in our respective call letters from SCIT. Once our IDs got verified, we were given an SCIT folder within which were sequentially ordered forms for the events we were about to face. The first one was a primary declaration form which we had to fill in order to be admitted in through a long corridor with many doors on each side. One such door was shown to us, and opened into a hall with numbered chairs. A screen was facing us once we were in our respective seats.

A loud-voiced senior, standing on the dais, told us to fill in our details on the essay forms within the folder we were given and then begin writing an essay on the topic shown. The topic as well as the timer flashed up on the projected screen – My Mother Is On Facebook (15 Minutes). I believe everyone wrote about how much sufferance this would cause and how their personal privacy will go down the drain. I confess I wrote something on the same lines, all true to my knowledge, although on hindsight I wonder if I should have tried to write something more original and different. On completion, they called random groups to either get their documents verified, or go for the technical and HR interviews. Once I got my documents checked they provided us with breakfast – packed sandwiches and drinks- which filled me up. Five minutes later I was called for the interview round and was directed upstairs by a very understanding senior with a genial air about her. She told me to elaborate on electives that I had planned to take in the years to come, like internet security etc.

The HR interview came first. The Interviewer was really nice to me and was smiling at me all the time. I was reassured and opened up although uncertain of  few of the topics that were discussed – Capital punishment policy, the extent to which my views endorse this vision and what I learned from the Vishaka case. I openly related what I had felt about the case – The Indian libido levels aside, this was more about the social repression that poor upbringing had brought about these men. Their lower-middle-class wages, jobs that are unpopular in our society, their frustrations against life bottling up into inhumane outbursts like these – I was out of words at times and held my hands together lest I should vent out my personal feelings on what I wished to do with these people, given the power. I was lost in thought and even failed to mention some of my impressive strengths and hobbies when asked. He ended it by shaking my hand and saying he liked talking with me. I was glad he felt the same way! Once outside, I took a satisfied breath, and waited for two minutes before getting called for the Technical round. One suggestion – Get your 4rth year projects/ideas well organized(vital parts only, not all the coding work obviously) and you will have less problems. Some of the other questions, paraphrased – If you were given an opportunity to open a business, what would be your first TWO lucrative options? Why do you think your would-be-partners would deal with you(after I mentioned my business goal), give your introduction in japanese(My subject). I could not do them much justice due to some insane jitters and blanking-outs. I came out sad, having squandered all that had come my way. The interviewer was a genius and I could see that I had disappointed him. Getting myself together, I had a feeling that I had to give in my all from then onwards or repent later.

I was directed back to the hall with the screen. I waited for 10 mins. They called our group for GE next. The first Group Excercise was where they showed us all a picture –  a Mcburger and Fries, and told us to discuss after two minutes of giving it a thought. We talked about saturated and trans fat within the fries, other health issues, FDI and competition among franchises that bring out the best in quality, why the Indian Vada-Pao is so cheap and the Mcburgers so expensive – Brand-value that is, and what should be added to the picture to complete it – a Mcshake or Coke to go with it all. I was energetic throughout the round but hadn’t started the conversation. Feeling reasonably satisfied with my performance I exited the room with all the rest of my group members and waited along with them until the 2nd round of the Group Excercise. We ,15 or 16 in number, were divided into two groups of eight and given identical topics to discuss within our respective groups, finally choosing a leader to represent our group in order to deliver the solution that we had all come up with, together. The problem/case-study in short –  You are the departmental head. You enforce the idea of rewards for good performance among your subordinates. You believe you are sure to be considered for promotion. The manager casually selects someone else. the company focuses on teamwork and cooperation. These are all given. Now what is your plan of action? I was selected leader! I presented our case but somehow brought in an embarrassing point of assuming to have loved the company all this time and so, not considering on quitting the same. the board of judges took my case on this (“When you say love, do you mean eternal or..?”) They had first asked my group members why I was selected as the leader. My group was intelligent and came up with great replies that made me feel proud of myself . The event was concluded with another jab at my love-the-company remark. I struggled to look unabashed for as long as I could. I am proud to say that I managed it too. While this event was going on they had asked us to place our work experience/extra curricular activities’ certificates etc on the table where they could verify them.

It was all over and we were given a tour of the SCIT/SCMHRD campus which meets all my expectations and more. I have finally agreed with my father and prayed honestly to Sai Baba and Swami Vivekanand. I truly hope that if they’ve heard me, and are as magnanimous and forgiving as my father claims, then they will forgive me for not remembering them during more fortunate and anxiety-free times. I have rarely crossed my fingers before, but 28th February 2013 will categorically be a very important date in The Chronicles Of Roy.