Terrible Start with Happy Ending

By Administrator 123erty

Hello guys my name Pratik Patel from Ahmedabad. Let me share my GE-PI experience of SCIT 2013 of 8th Feb 2013 12:30PM slot.

I left hotel which is 4KM far from SCIT at 11:15 AM . Reporting time was 12:30 PM. Then I went through auto rickshaw. That auto rickshaw driver dropped me at Phase-3 instead of Phase-1 don’t know why. LOL!!   I was totally unaware of places of Pune city as I came to Pune 1st time.  It’s 12:05 PM already. Terrible time started. I walked in one direction on guidance of one executive of Wipro. Heart-beats were so fast. God listened my prayer and one bus of some company came at that road and offered me lift 🙂 He dropped me at SCIT gate at 12:28 Sharp. WOW !! Good time just suppose to start then.

At entrance there were so many chairs for Students and their parents to seat. I took my seat. First we were called for photo identification process by group. Volunteers were awesome.  It was meticulous management. One lady volunteer was calling groups one by one for that process to it systematically. we had given one I-card and declaration form and feedback form to fill it. After completing that process we were sent to one class where we had seen video of SCIT foundation and all about its progress. Some instructions were given about the process to clarify our doubts. Food packet was also given to sustain your health until we complete process. HAHAAH…. Actually no necessity of it because whole process was glib and fast.

First we were given Topic to write on it for checking  written Communication Skill. Volunteers were giving their precious contribution at every stage. One volunteer was calling names one by one for different phase of GE, PI process. They took our Co-curricular activity certificates and Experience certificate  in a separate files.  My Group was 3rd and it was first called for GE-1. It was taken by SCIT director Dr. R. Raman and other heads of SCIT. One dilemma was given and we needed to discuss on it for 10minutes and then one leader from us to present solution and then some question answers. Process was going very fast without wasting single minute. Immediately after it volunteer taken us to other room for GE-2. There were 3 Heads and 2 alumni. One picture was shown to us and we needed to discuss on it for 15 minute. I had given my maximum contribution there as I love technology and picture was bit tricky. It was of one USB port in shape of lock. I enjoyed a lot that GE 🙂  After it all volunteers taken us to 1st floor for subjective and HR Interview. I talked to my assigned volunteer , just formal talk. It boosted up my confidence. Then my subjective Interview started. There were two Mam to take it. I don’t have words for them. They had given me such a frank Environment like I was talking with my parents. It was awesome PI in my life ever. Same thing happened in HR. One old age Sir was there to take my HR interview. We did formal talk about my hobbies and my Goal and what is different in me than others. He gave me some advice too. 🙂 Totally unbelievable PI in my life ever. I enjoyed a lot. Last Lap was left of Document verification. Volunteer lead me to room where we started Introduction of SCIT. Document verification also done in 5 minutes. Total of this process took around 2.5hours Max in my case. I filled up feedback form with my valuable comments of Perfect and systematic management of Volunteers and process.


 Then it was time to ride SCIT campus. I forgot name of that volunteer but he is presently Coordinator of Eklavya there. He clarified my some doubts about management and specialization given in SCIT and also about curriculum, Perfect person. Then other 2 volunteers joined us. They guided us about SCIT hostel and facility, rules and regulations, activities of day-night at campus, mess and its food , Graffiti , Gym facilities, library , research section , laundry section, general store, juice shop, students activities, canteen, games , utility ground, WIFI facility and lots of other information too. I am very much thankful to those volunteers. Finally I left SCIT at 5PM with determination that I will come back soon 🙂 Happy Ending Indeed

Pratik Patel

SNAP ID :  2043167