To “Esteemed” Alumni of SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

Dear Alumni
I was planning to write this blog for quite some time, but could take out time only now!
There are SCITians across the globe, & many of you are in admirable levels in the corporate ladder and I am sure that majority of you are filled with enthusiasm and are waiting to get connected with SCIT and feel that the connection should be much more than PLACEMENTS alone! Let me not beat around the bush and hit the bulls eye straight. I now find a trend that youngsters who pass out of SCIT say “NO” to placements and take up entrepreneurship. I am sure you will agree, that many of you had plans to do something by yourself, but postponed it due to some or the other reason. Every year during the convocation at least 10 to 12 students share their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur after working 2 years in the corporate, but unfortunately that day never comes. It could be due to fear for quitting a good paying job or due to the EMI’s that chase us all our life or the comfort level that sets in-spite of complaining about the 16 to 18 hour work load.
Please read the lines below and let me know how do you like it. (PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE PARAGRAPH)
Can’t a group of you come together (say a group of 20 or 25) can create something called “Venture capital fund by SCITians for SCITans” (VSS). The math goes something like this- If each one of you is able to pull out 25k, there is a corpus of 6.25 Lakh(25*25) that’s is created. We can then announce to the budding entrepreneurs at SCIT that “VSS” is ready to evaluate their business idea and business plan and possibly support with the seed money for a startup. If the business model and the business proposition is viable, the funding could be given!. Once this is conceptualized you guys (as a panel) would come and evaluate the business ideas that these budding entrepreneurs have and IF YOU GET CONVIENCED, you could give the SEED MONEY as PER YOU WHIMS and FANCIES and of-course sound logic! Those business ideas and business models which are really worth get the money and you become the venture capitalist who earns returns and can pull out after the committed time frame. The logic is simple – “A group of SCITians creating a VC fund “
If there are more than 25 alumni who are interested then we can have more number of VSS – Chapters created, and each year one or two chapters get the chance!
Some of you might feel that 25k is a huge money . If you go to a restaurant and throw a party you spend 10k and hence I feel that this 25k as an investment (one time) is worthwhile as you get an opportunity to become a Venture Capitalist. In fact SCIT will become the first B school in India to have such a concept and you would be in limelight for this! If any of you find this idea lucrative please send an email to with the subject line “VSS – I AM interested “ along with your Name , Year graduated , your current Location, the company in which you are currently working and your Mobile number.
NOTE: Once I get the list of all interested, I will share the detailed list with each one of you (who have shown interest) you all can then deliberate on the number of people, the contribution from each and the entire management of fund and modus of operandi will be by YOU guys and girls only.
I will be awaiting the emails till 15th June 2013!
Dr Raman
Director- SCIT

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