Blog: SCIT ranked 529 in the top 1000 International B-Schools

By Administrator 123erty

4th June 2013

Dear All
I am glad to state that SCIT has been ranked 529 (as of today) in the top 1000 International B-Schools ranking in terms of research paper downloads in the Social Sciences Research Network portal (SSRN). 

This ranking within a period of 6 months (Dec 12 to May 13), and is expected to climb much faster in the near future with more accepted and working papers shared in SSRN. We rank much higher than any of our SIU constituent Institutes. 

The screen shot of SCIT with other SIU Institutes that featured in the SSRN is shown below


Click to zoom and view




This position was achieved due to team effort of all faculty members and SCIT students

Mighty Mighty – SCIT


Dr R Raman

Director- SCIT