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First day @ SCIT

Wednesday, June 04, 2014. I was feeling the billowing breeze on my face and the sunbeams were peeking through the window frames. Eyes half closed I looked at the table watch right beside my head. It was 9:00 am and I took a sigh! Thank God!! Not late. “M really loving the weather” saying I stood up from my bed and started my day. I put on my brand new

First Day Of College

3/06/2014 :- Experience the first day of college was the greatest day of my life. When i am entering the gate its very silent college,very discipline college, a very good security guard who show me the path of d-hostel then i went to the d-hostel truly very long from the campus.. then after that all scitians meet each other knowing some about each other.. and also having a breakfast.. Now

Blog: SCIT PIWAT centers for admission into MBA programs

  SCIT (Hinjewadi Center -1) was one the PIWAT centers for admission into MBA programs offered by Symbiosis International University for the year 2014. When it comes to supporting the institutes process like the placement process or the processes driven by the University which are executed at the institute like the admissions process– SCIT students take the responsibilities and prove that they are class apart. I had an access to

To “Esteemed” Alumni of SCIT

Dear Alumni I was planning to write this blog for quite some time, but could take out time only now! There are SCITians across the globe, & many of you are in admirable levels in the corporate ladder and I am sure that majority of you are filled with enthusiasm and are waiting to get connected with SCIT and feel that the connection should be much more than PLACEMENTS alone!