First Day Of College

By Administrator 123erty

3/06/2014 :- Experience the first day of college was the greatest day of my life. When i am entering the gate its very silent college,very discipline college, a very good security guard who show me the path of d-hostel then i went to the d-hostel truly very long from the campus.. then after that all scitians meet each other knowing some about each other.. and also having a breakfast.. Now time to move to college, its very good college for me and i am proud to be scitians family member as a student… i am collecting my i-card from the campus. and just seeing a campus what a big campus. I love to play game and scit having there own playing area specially indoor game. Next morning i have an induction period there is a allot of scitians student gather for attend this function. when i reach to induction function i heard the speech of dr.r.raman i must say wowwww a truly inspire to me what a present ourself in a very brilliant way hat off to sir…. sorry for saying too much but fact is fact.. one more greatest member of symbiosis family is Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar , principal director, symbiosis society and dr.rajni gupte,vice chancellor,siu and of course last but not the list a special guest Mr. Abhilash Verma ,Director citrix …. they all are having a hat off speech to truly inspire to student and i am inspire from that moment… at last when all is over we are going to hostel after that we play cricket to make a good bonding of scitians family.. that is my first day of college day that i never forget this moment.
thank you sir, to give a chance to express my feeling on that day..
thank you very much… keep smiling all of you

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