Surya Sibir.. An Ice breaker, starting phase of changes, start of new life

By Administrator 123erty

It was a wonderful trip to Surya Shibir, just after joining SCIT. It was really an ice breaker for us after coming to the new place. I never knew anyone better until I actively participated in Surya Shibir activities. Outfit (Event Management) designed activities keeping the challenges of corporate life in mind and we participated and executed them happily and with full of enthusiasm and energy. We felt the changes we need to make in us. I never knew I could develop myself through games.

Surya Sibir is located in a picturesque hill near Varasgaon dam, Panchet, Pune. I was mesmerised by the location and exited by the activities. Though tiring but we never gave up or felt exhausted performing them. Beside the team building activities we had chill out session which revealed the hidden talents amongst us.

Trekking was the best activity. A 6 kilometre uphill trek through the trees and a challenging path, but reaching on the summit it was gratifying to eyes, overlooking the valley and lake. It is now undescriptive through words. The place was full of tress and we got a lot of berries and mangoes which made us happier. We started climbing trees collecting fruits and started eating. We came back to base and ended the 2 day trip, returning back to hostel with memories, friends, and lots of photos, which we keep watching every day. A ton thanks to my college, my second home. Mighty Mighty SCIT!

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