SCIT Blog | e-Talk Series 2021 at SCIT by Mr. Gaurav Makhija

By Administrator 123erty

As the e-Talk Series 2021 progresses, the students witnessed another guest lecture on the topic ‘Diversity & Inclusion, New Normal In Service, And Service As A Market Differentiator’. The speaker, Mr. Gaurav Makhija, is currently working as a Director with Aftermarket Sales, Service Ops, and Tech Support at Videojet Technologies, a part of Danaher Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. He has over 15 years of sales experience, is based out at different locations, and has handled multiple geographies. Previous to Videojet Technologies he has worked with the Sanmar Group and Ingersoll Rand.

The session was broadly divided into 4 sub-topics i.e. Vision and Mission of the Organization, Why MBA?, Four Dimensions of Reference, and Insights on How to Prepare for Upcoming Interviews. Mr. Makhija explained that vision is nothing but leading with innovation and the passion to solve the world’s product identification challenges whereas mission is partnering as well as protecting with customers to protect them, and lastly, continuous operations, reliability, quality, and productivity should be top-notch.

The speaker then moved on to the second sub-topic i.e. the four dimensions of reference viz. Conscious Bias, Unconscious Bias, and Stereotype. He elaborated that Unconscious Bias is when judgements are made even with the availability of compelling data and information whereas Unconscious Bias implies that judgement is made without being aware of the fact that there is a bias. Lastly, Stereotype is where a conclusion is made about a whole group of people based on the data and information relating to just one group. A fun activity was also conducted where a few volunteers from the audience were asked to create a job description for a technical support analyst.

In the final phase of the guest lecture, the speaker delineated the importance of an MBA degree and its significance in the latter part of our careers. He also gave a few tips and tricks for the upcoming interviews. The lecture ended with the speaker enthusiastically answering the questions of the students. Such guest lectures really benefit the students and add to the existing knowledge of the students.