The future role of AI on Online Platforms on Human Psychology

By Administrator 123erty


The session’s guest speaker was Mr. Akshay Toshniwal, Master in Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia & Data Management from the University of Nantes, France. He is currently holding the position as the Associate Editor, AI Time Journal. The event’s topic was “Impact of AI on online platforms and Human Psychology.”
He started the session by introducing the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how the technology has been evolving from being used only on computing systems to our daily households like refrigerators and washing machines (IoT). He touched upon various concepts, including many forms of AI like machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, computer vision, and more. Further, an overview of Artificial Intelligence was given where Mr. Akshay explained the different types of AI such as Narrow AI, General AI, Super AI.
He explained that the application of AI is mostly restricted to narrow AI where an application can perform only a single task like chatbots. However, with the massive increase in the size and variety of data, new and better forms of AI will be required. “Data is the new oil” is the digital era adage because it is the data that businesses use to understand the consumer better. The adoption of AI technology is growing as it is helping businesses to make better and improved decisions and that too quickly.
Continuing with the widespread application of AI across the domains, Mr. Akshay talked about how AI is being used on online platforms. AI caters to the social media platform by helping the users with recommendations on who to follow, understanding images, and showing content relevant to the users. The eCommerce platform witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of purchases on post-covid, which also led to an increase in data generation.
The main objective of data-driven and AI-driven organizations is to understand their customer and trigger their decisions and psychology to an extent. On a positive note, the profound and encouraging lecture came to an end where Mr. Akshay answered the questions raised by the students regarding the topic.