Artificial Intelligence for Text Analytics

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Mr Avneet Singh addressed the students on the topic of ‘ Artificial Intelligence for Text Analytics ‘ and began his lecture by introducing the how the domain of Artificial intelligence applied for text analytics and its contributing features such as natural language translation, strategies, as a part of e- GL series on 11th November 2020.

Mr Avneet Singhis is a 2012 pass out from Chitkara University in B.E (CSE with research) during which he worked as a junior researcher and then as a full-time employee with Infosys (Infosys Labs). He had also successfully filed a patent for the Big Data Analytics platform during his time at Infosys, which got approved a couple of years later. He has also worked with Genpact and Wipro mostly on Text (NLP) and Data Science, and currently, he is an Applied Research Engineer at Bosch Corporate Research.

Mr Singh spoke about the different types of techniques which are used in NLP using R and Python and the significant challenges associated with them while analyzing the text data which is continuous as well as discrete in nature and how is these are segregated again to process further. He shared his insights on how the text analytics-driven data which is mostly based on sentiments analysis or feedback analysis and how these are becoming an essential part for almost for all the organization these days to work on the feedback for optimization from both the client and customers.

During the session, Mr Singh mentioned Natural Language Understanding, Word Translation, Pattern Identification, Entity detection etc. and how each part of speech(POS) is broken and explained briefly about the process how it worked by providing the solution steps by steps respectively. The speaker has also shared his insights on the various tools such as NLTK which are often used by most of the organization.

Towards the end, Mr Singh concluded the session with Q&As where he had cleared all the queries from the students. Overall, it was indeed an interactive and insightful session.