My First Day At Symbiosis

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: July 3, 2015Categories: Default0 Comments on My First Day At Symbiosis

Well I had never stayed in a hostel or away from family till now so I was a very excited about experiencing the hostel life and a bit nervous as well. It was a kind off mixed feelings state for me. My entire family had come to drop me at hostel! It was an amazing experience when I firstly saw the entire campus and the hostel. My parents very happy and a bit sad as well. The few starting hours were a bit difficult and it was an emotional goodbye to my family. But it all got normalised in the evening when I got down to get some fresh air after a short nap. There was a festival kind off atmosphere. All the students had gathered down and the introduction to each other began. People were playing cricket basketball and volley ball. As I am a sport enthusiast I started playing as well and the time got by soo fast that I did not even realise when it was the dinner time. The dinner frankly speaking was okaish at the first day as I was used to eating the home food always so the taste differed obviously. Still the people and my roommates were very god and friendly that I did not miss my home that much. A very different experience till now I had never had one like this

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