SuryaShibir – A GREAT EXPERIENCE !!!!!!

By Administrator 123erty

We are 200 people in the batch of SCIT 2015-17, and I hardly know  5 or 6 people. Then on 6th June 2015 we got a mail from college that we have an outbound activity day in which we have to pack few items as mentioned in the mail. They are like track pants, trousers, t-shirts, cap etc. .I asked seniors they said it’s a very good program in which trekking and other games will be played.  On 7th  june ,  we  assemble in front of the gate at 6:15 AM. At around 6:45 AM , we boarded the bus according to the divisions and started our journey to SuryaShibir. I am in the division A….after some time we started playing Antakshari, the usual game in which I get to know few more people. The count goes to 15.


We reached SuryaShibir at around 9 AM. It’s a resort in the mountains with lots of greeneries around it.  The Faculty accompanying us asked us to put our bags into the rooms and assemble in the dining hall where our breakfast is ready. We had our breakfast and we all assemble in the amphitheatre.


At amphitheatre we were introduced to OUT-FIT group and they asked all the boys and girls to make a group of 13 each. We were given batches of different colours. Mine was pink. We were asked to move to the girls batch who had pink colour batches. We met girl’s contingent of 13 in the playground. Now 13 boys and 13 girls were divided equally and asked us to play a game in which we get to know the name of the other person in our team. The game is say loud the name of the person and throw the ball to him or her. The count goes to 24.


After this we played few more games, in which all types of things such as leadership, communication with teams, strategy making, choose the correct people for the particular game, adapt with the situation and many others. We were given scores after every game and we came 3rd in the first phase.


Secondly, we were asked to do go for Burma Bridge And Valley crossing . Our whole H goup done it in 1.5 hours and we enjoyed a lot. We motivated few as they are afraid of heights. We clicked photograph of the whole group . We talked, we had done fultu  masti. The count goes to 30.


Now Lunch is waiting for us,  Food was good, after Lunch we again moved to play ground where we compete with the other half of the team and we won…..yipeeee!!!!

After this we played 2 more games where every person of the team started interacting with each other to win the game as every game fetches us few more points.

Now comes to chillax session where we need to perform as a group something in the amphitheatre.

We performed a solo dance , stand-up comedy and fashion show…..All in all good and exciting day for me.


Next day we have to report to the gate at 6:15 AM ….Yes 6:15 AM for our trekking. I get up early and got ready in time. And reached to the gate where we have given the instructions. We started our trekking at 6:30 AM  . The trekking experience was one of it’s kind. Adventure of going up uing sticks. We got a wonderful view from the mountain. Simply Awesome….We ate fresh mangoes in between the trekking. We completed our trekking in 3.5 hrs.


We were exhausted , we rested for an hour then we gathered for another game where we get to know more people. Lastly we got an activity in which we have to make a poster in the team ( but different team  from the initial). We made it . And the last part we won the best group prize at the end( H Group Rocks!!!!!)


The last count is 40..  🙂


I never forget this experience. Thank You SCIT !!!!!!




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