“SURYA SHIBIR” is a wonderful experience…

By Administrator 123erty

Outbound program experience- “surya shibir” is one of my best experience I had in my life.. we all colleagues go together by bus…it’s a long way to reach their, by that time we did lots of activities like antakshari etc. When we reached their that place was awsmmm every where is greenery I must say there any one can get soul peace , just all tensions forget and just enjoy the life. Then we went for trekking, is most lovable activity for me in outbound program its around 5 km I did with full of enthusiasm.. i salute to those girls who went for trekking coz its not an easy task for them, at that time sunlight was on top of the head. its an interactive session I had, made lots of friends.. that was the first time I saw so much varieties of people.. from north south east west.. and I m from the centre (m.p) basically it is looking like a little india..i met with atamilian guy and now we are good friends. I made more than 50 friends in surya shibir in just 2 days..its a biggest achievement for me. There are lots of activities , whenever we were going for the participation in the activities, we always met with unknown new personalities so with the help of it i made a lot frnz. I did a lot activities in it like I danced on the floor, hide and seek, valley crossing ..we made a poster for Symbiosis International University. Basically it was a refreshment before going for the “MBA”. I enjoyed each and every moment at surya shibir.

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