Surya Shibir (Outbound Program Experience)

By Administrator 123erty

No sooner had the induction program finished, fellow students were trying to figure out what the ‘Outbound Management Program’ in the schedule was. Amid all the speculation, there was excitement among all. No one knew what exactly was planned. As per the schedule, it was a two day program on the 6th and 7th June 2015. We packed our bags and were ready to experience something new.

The Bus was supposed to leave at 6:30am on the 6th, but it left at around 8, adding to the suspense of what ‘Surya Shibir’- the destination was going to be like. The bus journey was of about 2 hours. While most enjoyed with the usual ‘antakshari’ and ‘Dumb charades’, I was more interested in the nature outside. The en route Khadakwasla Dam and the surrounding greenery was quite a sight. The end of Khadawasla dam was the beginning of ‘Panshet Dam’ which was more beautiful. The Western Ghats gave company to the occasional bird of prey soaring high. Being a Birder, I was on the lookout for a good sighting. I didn’t get to see much from a moving bus. But the nature itself was amazing.

My stomach was demanding to be fed as soon as we reached Surya Shibir . A tasty breakfast was already available. So with a full stomach, we were told that there was going to be a trek. I was excited and hoped the Sun would be kind to us at the same time. Trekking at 11 am was something I was going to do for the first time as  I was used to only early morning treks. Thankfully, the clouds were kind to us and didn’t let the Sun play spoilsport.

Tired, hungry and thirsty, we returned to see lunch ready at the cafeteria. Next in line was an ‘Ice breaking session’. We quickly ate and moved to the hall. The organizers-‘Outfit’ were very professional and had everything neatly planned. They divided us in groups of 3 randomly and made us interview each other and present the same to everyone. This is a very nice way to get to know all the batch mates. A ‘Chillax’ session was planned in the evening wherein we would perform to entertain everyone. Groups were made and we were given time to prepare. It turned out to be a very entertaining event with a plethora of Dance performances, songs and funny Skits. There are a lot of dancers in our batch!

Even after getting not more than 4 hours of sleep, we were all up and ready for more the next day at 6:15 am. Outdoor team activities were planned for the day. It was an amazing experience to carry out all the tasks and understand what goes into a successful team effort. There were many humbling moments and a lot to observe and learn while working in a team. We had a lot of fun and learnt many things from our failures. The importance of listening, planning and strategizing was highlighted.

As the program neared its end, we were made to make a banner for SCIT’s future. It brought out the creative side of everyone.  Playing around with ribbons and crayons to draw logos was fun. We wrapped up and I headed back to the bus with a better understanding of myself and my batch mates. It was a trip to remember indeed!

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