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Trends in the technology landscape

Mr Apoorv Tripathi, Global Sales Leader of Rahi System, visited SCIT on 8th October to convey his understanding and experience in IT sales. He is a pioneer in IT sales, and his lecture contradicted many preconceptions students had regarding sales and marketing. He was well aware that most students have little to no knowledge in the field of sales(IT sales) and was very patient in systematically delivering a summarised picture

Metaverse: Experience the New Universe For Sustainability

After last year’s online National Seminar, it was a rejuvenating and welcome change to have the 22nd National Seminar on the SCIT campus on the 24th of September. The announcers introduced the audience to the seminar’s theme, i.e. ‘Metaverse: Experience the New Universe For Sustainability.’ The session started with the Director, Dr Dhanya Pramod Ma’am, sharing her views on the idea of the National Seminar and its theme. This was

Defining Requirments in Agile Way

Requirements gathering is an essential step in project development that determines what a project needs to achieve and what needs to be created for that to happen. In an ideal scenario, no requirement changes are implemented in the project’s lifecycle. But requirements face changes regularly, and defining the requirements needs to adapt to the change. Keeping this in mind, SCIT is helping its students become resourceful and meet the industry’s

Surya Shibir

A day that started with a lot of anticipation concluded as one with new bonds and joyous memories. It was an exciting day for juniors, and all were in sports apparel, contrary to what they usually wear. It was an early morning start from the college to Surya Shibir, an eco-friendly resort nestled deeply in the Sahyadri valley. The location away from a network coverage area ensured a day without