Surya Shibir

By Sagar Choudhury

Published On: June 20, 2022Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Surya Shibir

A day that started with a lot of anticipation concluded as one with new bonds and joyous memories. It was an exciting day for juniors, and all were in sports apparel, contrary to what they usually wear. It was an early morning start from the college to Surya Shibir, an eco-friendly resort nestled deeply in the Sahyadri valley. The location away from a network coverage area ensured a day without people fidgeting with smartphones and relying on human interaction for communication.

It was a beautiful ride to the destination, and some students did not even miss out on playing Antakshri on the way. The bus reached the destination sometime around 9:30 AM, and the Department of Sports, Recreation and Wellness (DSRW) was there to welcome the freshers. 

The DSRW team instructed group activities among randomly formed team members, all contesting to win the elusive first place sportively. The central idea was to promote team-building and management skills among the students. It started with a few dancing drills, passing the ball drill, passing a hoop in a human circle drill, and finally a human knot drill where many students struggled to comply. 

The students then formed groups of two in a blindfold activity. Here, one person would guide the other blindfolded person halfway through a predefined track and complete the rest of the way with an exchange of roles. This was followed by a sumptuous feast, catering to everybody’s growling stomachs. 

Post Lunch, all the teams were assigned the task of entertaining everybody for three minutes by performing any act of their choice. All the teams performed their hearts out, with no one having anything less than a great time. Some students grooved to the beats, some sang their hearts out, and some took centre stage in portraying their acting skills. 

Overall, visiting Surya Sibir was a unique ice-breaking experience. The central idea was to give insight into the significance of teamwork and coordination among team members, which will be a pearl of core wisdom for these forthcoming leaders in the coming years.