Alumni Meet at Bangalore and Delhi went very well!

By Administrator 123erty

Dear All

I was very glad to see the turnout of number of Alumni who attended the Alumni meet at Bangalore and Delhi. There were Alumni who have reached great heights in the corporate ladder, and some of them have started their own business in diversified domain like Hospitality , Entertainment, and have applied the tools of IT to capture the market and stay ahead in the competition.

The names of persons who was remembered and enquired by everyone those who passed out before 2009 were ” Ms.Kagal” and “Ms.Savitha”

The recent pass outs not only asked about Ms.Savitha but also about Prof.SVK.Bharathi, Prof.Dr.Sen , Prof.Rajul Joshi, Dr.Dhanya , Prof.Pradnya, Prof.Sadhana and others. The amount of enthusiasm that was shown and the energy levels amongst all in the hall was really high. There were alumni who were interested in contributing to SCIT and help us by taking up some subjects, taking Guest Lectures etc. while they visit Pune.

I hope to meet many more SCIT Alumni in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune


Dr Raman

Director- SCIT and Dean – Faculty of Computer Studies – SIU


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