To SCIT Alumni

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: August 26, 2013Categories: Director's Blog0 Comments on To SCIT Alumni

Dear Alumni Members!

I am sure that many of you are in touch with your limited circle of friends by calling them and meeting them in person and unlimited number of friends via Facebook. Would be great to meet up with a larger group over a dinner or a lunch and recall those “Memorable days” that you spent at SCIT?

You have an opportunity for it and we are creating it for you!

As already mentioned in my previous communication, I am glad to inform you that we will be having our Alumni meet across Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune this year!

I have just one request PLEASE Block the date on your calendar and turn up so that I can meet each one of you in person. Many of you will be busy and will have tight schedules and hence I am letting you know about these dates in advance so that you pick the date and location which suits you

31st Aug @Bangalore -Alumni Meet followed by Dinner @Time: 07:00 pm

4th Sep @Delhi-Alumni Meet followed by Dinner               Time@07:00 pm

15th Sep@Hyderabad-Alumni Meet followed by Lunch @Time: 01:00 pm

21st Sep@Mumbai -Alumni Meet followed by Dinner@Time : 07:00 pm

28th Sep @Pune-Alumni Meet followed by Dinner@Time : 06:30 pm

The Venue will be fixed based on the number registrations that are got for each of these cities and will be communicated to all of you!

I am sure you will be interested, and hence request you to please send your name and mobile number (If you have not sent it!)

Also please register yourself by visiting the link
 (If you have not already done so!)