4th June 2014 MBA(ITBM) 2014-2016 starts

By Administrator 123erty

4th June 2014 MBA(ITBM)  2014-2016 starts

Induction LogoWe had originally planned to start the MBA(ITBM) 2014 program on 6th June 2014, but due to unavoidable circumstances we had to pre-pone it to 4th June 2014.

It will be really good if all of you taking admission in MAB(ITBM) 2014 program attend the to the Induction program scheduled on 4th June 2014. I understand that for some of you it might be “impossible” to make it due to other major planning that you would have already in place. But if you can still make it it would really be great !

Dr R Raman

Director – SCIT and Dean -Focs – SIU

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