Importance of Communication Skills

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Ability to communicate with peers in the same society is very important in life. Concept of social dynamics and communication is more or less the same in every region of this world.

Human being is a social animal. By social we mean the ability to interact amongst ourselves in group. The desire of communicating amongst a group leads to the evolution of language.

Communication skills do not comprise language only. Body-language, tone of speaking, listening and eye-contact are extremely important too.


Communicating is nothing but expressing your thoughts and feelings to other people and understanding the same from them.

Communication skills are very important. One of the primary fields where it is important is corporate sector. Whether you are in development team or management team, if you cannot interact with your peers properly then you are failing their standards.

Society is formed on the basis of mutual understanding. Work culture needs to be followed everywhere.


Nobody can live on their own. Even at work, people do need friends. Otherwise the person feels secluded and it affects his/her work.

The ability to communicate of one person becomes one of the primary factors that may lead to success.



Yukti Gupta (Batch 2013-15)