Economic Disparity- A Curse for Indian Society

By Administrator 123erty

Economic Inequality also known as the gap between rich and poor consists of disparities in the distribution of wealth and income. This income disparity between them is widening at an rapid pace. In rural areas, this gap has increased from 5 to 7 times in past 12 years. This disparity not only widens the gap between the societies, narrow the people’s thinking but also creates social problem and becomes a great barrier in the growth of the Republic and Free India. There is an improvement in the standard of living of the people but not in the whole of population but only for a chunks of people. The middle class even today cannot think beyond basic necessities of life.
This imbalance present in the society can be removed when we educate the whole mass. A highly educated population is a guarantor for making sure the gap between high and low incomes does not widen too much. But also it is the time for politics to get involved and take a serious look at the problem. Combined effort of everyone can help us to outclass it.