About Women’s Safety and Security

By Administrator 123erty

It is said that “If a woman is happy, then the family is happy; when a family is happy, then society is happy.” Education and self-reliance are two important facets of women’s empowerment.

It’s good that people worship women in India, but it will be even better if they listen to them. Women are still not treated equally. Their abilities are still greatly underestimated. Women should be independent. They should focus on their work. They must also develop a strong character.

We must improve the safety and security of women in both big cities as well as in small towns. There should be police stations run by women for women so that women in any danger can file a complaint or FIR without fear of being turned away. You must respect women of all ages. Mothers as selfless and compassionate guiding lights.

An educated woman means education of the whole family. Supporting women’s struggles against all forms of violence ensuring access to safety, dignity, justice and rights should be our objective. Consciousness-raising and leadership development on women’s rights and gender equality. Creative campaigns and educational materials on key feminist concerns to respond to the programming and resource needs of women’s groups, community and field organizations, media and development organizations.