…And Football Began..!!!

By Administrator 123erty

…And Football Began..!!!

With the advent of Independence Cup’ 2015, marked by an applaudable speech from Colonel Kadam, followed by cake-cutting and two thrilling and fascinating cricket matches, which were both won by senior teams. But this did not stop the juniors on challenging them in the upcoming football matches. One was played between Div-D Juniors Team vs. Div-C Seniors team, and the other between Div-C Juniors  team vs. Div-D Seniors Team. The dynamic atmosphere energised the players as well as the audience.

In the hours before the start of the first ever football match of Independence Cup’2015, when they were trying to ignore and forget about the enormity of the occasion, when the juniors team had already faced the first defeat from the seniors in both the cricket matches, the players of Div-D Juniors team could hardly have anticipated that they would enjoy such a stress-free evening. The scintillating 1-0 drubbing of the Div-C Seniors Team by the Div-D Juniors Team was enthralling.

Within the first fifteen minutes of the match, there was a goal from Vishal Bamani from the Juniors team. Initially, it was a mere struggle for him when the seniors’ defending was obdurate. But finally he made it with a driving, twisting run into the area from the left, and rolled the ball into the empty net. Then, when the match was about to get over, that Rajan Shevale, the goalkeeper of Juniors team, saved the penalty goal, and this proved to be the major turning point in the match as it increased more enthusiasm amongst the juniors in the crowd, and now every pass had its hooting.

In the second match between the Div-D Seniors Team and Div-C Junior Team, which although ended in a draw, where neither of the teams could score a single goal, but it would be worth mentioning that it was again a very exhilarating game. It was due to Kiruba’s surging runs and Sameer, the captain of juniors’ team, who emerged to be the key players, and managed to maintain the struggle throughout the game, in spite of the fact that the seniors were undoubtedly overshadowing the juniors and pressurizing them to the core.

In cricket, seniors won, but in football, juniors managed to retain their confidence by winning a game, thereby encouraging their peers for the rest of the matches. Let’s see, how the second day’s matches would turn up! The matches commenced with an amazing zeal, hope the spirit continues to be the same, and keep on growing in the upcoming days.