Day Four Brings More

By Administrator 123erty

It was a beautiful day here at Pune, with clouds covering the campus and the cool breeze adding to its beauty. As the dawn came closer, the buzz and excitement started to increase. The teams and the wonderful crowd, which we always have, started to gather in the arena for the first match of the fourth day of the independence cup, which was between B Division Juniors and C Division Seniors in the game of cricket.
Well, it was a nightmare for the juniors as the scoreboard depicted a score of 3/3 just after a few minutes into the match. The juniors tried hard to make a comeback and reached a decent total but the senior bowlers gave constant blows to them with some real good bowling performances.
The senior’s team openers gave them a good start but lost their focus in between until a very poor over from a junior team’s bowler turned the match completely in their favor as more than 10 wide balls and a few dead balls were conceded in that particular over. All this meant that they had a very comfortable victory at the end of the game with quite a few balls unbowled.
The second cricket match, which was between B Division Seniors and C Division Juniors ended in the favor of the juniors as they danced and celebrated with the crowd, which came to support them. An interesting moment in the match came in the form of a run out decision being overturned as a senior’s team fielder told the umpire about how his hand knocked down the stumps before the ball did.
After the end of the cricket saga for the day, the football fever was just about to begin as the participants of the first football game started their warm up on the field. The first game, which was played between A Division Seniors and D Division Juniors, gave a chance to the supporters of both the teams to dance as the teams scored one goal each and at the end of it all the two teams didn’t have anything to separate them. The star player of the match was a winger from the junior’s team who has played the game at the national level. After he came is as a substitute for another winger in the second half of the game he was quick to make an impact as he also made the crowd go crazy with his attempts on the rival’s goalpost.
The final match of the day, which was played between A Division Juniors and D Division Seniors, helped the juniors end the day on a high note as they scored the only goal of the match in the first half and also saved a goal attempt from the other side with the junior goalkeeper making a fine save.
So after an eventful day four here at the independence cup, which gave smiles to both the batches, the day five hosts some important matches of cricket and football, having full capability to bring some twists and turns in the team rankings. Lets see how the teams perform tomorrow.