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Right Learning – A Matter of Opinion?

Thanks to final semester students Ankita Mehdiratta and Tarique Ansari. They helped to co-create this blog. Students of final semester MBA ITBM, batch of 2012-14, engaged in a variety of learning experiences, to understand globalization issues. Some of the students engaged themselves in observing different sections of society to learn about their difficulties. One of the groups worked with a local street vendor, a chai shop owned and operated by

Doing Drugs – Is it really Cool?

Drug abuse is a major problem in India. The student community taking to narcotics is one of major concerns. While laws related to drugs are in place in India, the implementation is a long way to go, looking at the widespread use of illicit substances. There are many factors that have contributed to the spread of drugs among youth, with this blog let us take a look at some. Drugs

Onashamsakal SCIT……HAPPY ONAM……

Before coming to SCIT I never realized that festivals had a deeper meaning which goes beyond colours and celebrations.Its a medium of sharing happiness ,laughter and fun with your friends. These festivals comes with an opportunity to learn about the different cultures and diversities.I want to thank the students from kerela and the whole onam celebration committee from all the three colleges to come up with such a great onam

SCIT student’s project -Judged the Best Project

Dear All SCIT students are known for their potential in executing creative summer internship projects, which delivers results to the client organization. It’s more than just a “summer project” both for the student and the client. This fact is proved when organizations outside SCIT acknowledge, appreciate and recognize the talented student. Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune- PUMBA, recently organized a competition in which the final year MBA students

Gujarat – A reality and not a myth!

In one of my economics lectures, I was stated a lot of facts and figures from an economist’s point of view, obviously by an economist. I would today like to point some things from a common man’s view. A lot of comments and fingers were raised against Modi, Gujarat and its development. I will try to show the absolute truth. I was told some growth rates and Gujarat’s growth rate