Doing Drugs – Is it really Cool?

By Administrator 123erty

Drug abuse is a major problem in India. The student community taking to narcotics is one of major concerns. While laws related to drugs are in place in India, the implementation is a long way to go, looking at the widespread use of illicit substances. There are many factors that have contributed to the spread of drugs among youth, with this blog let us take a look at some.

Drugs are expensive, apparently, so affluence is a major contributing factor. Youth these days have a lot of dispensable cash with them. Another problem is lack of monitoring by the parents. Both these factors form a potent combination that allows for use of drugs by the youth.

Another major factor is the popular culture. It is supposed to be ‘cool’ to be doing drugs. Many artists, especially musicians that the youth look up to, have a history with drugs. Some of the popular songs even go to the length of glorifying drugs. It is difficult not to fall prey for this menace under such circumstances.

The way out is not just awareness but education. Many people are aware of what they are getting into when they do drugs. Proper education can drive the youth away from these substances.

Devika Tebriwal


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