The Voyage

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Its not been long that I first went to Dehradun, to start my first venture after stepping out of school. For the first time, it felt as if I landed in on a new planet. As I stepped in my college, there was a lush green garden to welcome not only me but all my fellow friends. It was interesting to meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures, and soon we all settled in one place. Not to forget were the hardships and challenges of staying away from home.

Soon, the time passed, things changed and so did their meaning. The different languages and cultures looked so familiar. The thick pine trees were now my friends who stood to give me shade and cool breeze from my hostel to college. The bright sunrises and the shadowy sunsets were a regular affair and the weather worth falling for. The hardships had now become a daily routine and the tons and tons of friends became my family.

Then came the senior years, and now was my time to lead the newcomers. It felt great in helping the juniors and taking every possible step to do what was required. It was something unusual but satisfying. Arranging for and participating in events and meets was also a great exposure. My ship was sailing crossing all the hurdles. High and low tides were a part of my voyage and every single experience taught me something. From the very first step to the last, each n every minute was full of experience and surprises.

Then, the moment arrived after all the efforts I had put in. It was time to move on. These four years prepared me in such a way that I could not only complete, but overcome the challenges of life.

And then, in search of more challenges, hardships, knowledge, and learning, I landed in my new home, SCIT, and the journey goes on….



MBA(ITBM) SCIT 2013-2015