Lessons for Lifetime-Surya Shibir

By Administrator 123erty

                    Hi! I am Raghav Srinivas from Chennai. I am a fresher and I got my results very recently. This is my first blogging experience. So please bear with me considering this is my first attempt. I am going to talk about the outbound programme arranged by SCIT (Symbiosis Institute for Information Technology). It was the first week of my MBA course and we had a chill out session, which taught various managerial lessons and lessons for life.  The programme was “Surya Shibir” which means “The Land of the Sun God”. Just as the name suggests it was a place full of nature and positive energy. It was a programme conducted by Out Fit India.

                    Out Fit was founded in the year 1997 by Army veterans Major Ganapathy and Col. Kumar Gianani. Outfit India conducts Human Resources Development training through ‘Experiential Learning’ in an Outdoors environment. They conduct Outbound training programmes to enable people discover their own potential, instil team spirit among all members, and create synergy in the organisation. Their programmes are developed and conducted by experienced Army and Air Force officers. The Emphasis of this training was on Direct Personal Experience, Building Individuals Commitment to Development, Making Decisions and Draw Conclusions.

                    It was a two-day trip with accommodation at Surya Shibir. On the first day, we had several games and scenarios, which brought out various skills inside ourselves. Leadership, Team playing, Synchronisation, Logical thinking and implementation were the main motives of the activities conducted. On the second day, we had a 5km trek on one of the hill nearby. It was again my first trek experience. After the trek, I personally feel that one must necessarily involve himself/herself in rigorous physical exercise. It instils a lot of self-confidence, stamina, energy, fitness etc. After the trek, we had some indoor team building activities where we had ice-breaking activities, which made us get to know our fellow friends who are going to be our friends for the next two years.

                    Overall, it was a fresh and inspiring experience. It imparted a lot of confidence and made us think about where we go wrong in day-to-day life. I really liked the experience. Thank you SCIT 🙂