Outbound programme experience

By Administrator 123erty

My first few days in SCIT was “somewhat alright”. I met some people here. I was greeting everybody, giving my introduction. I had no idea that I would meet people from different parts of india. On the same weekend we had an outbound programme in “surya shibir”. Till that time I had already made some new friends. On the way to surya shibir we played some games and we people actually started to gel up. This bonding even got stronger when we reached our destination and started for the trekking. “Trekking” actually was fun and at some place it taught us how to act, react and to face challenges. The task was not just to complete the programme but to complete them as a team. The games we played ( I am sorry I don’t remember the names of the games we played) were actually fun and brought all of us together and gave us a chance to know each other.

This outbound programme gave me everything. It gave me chance to be a leader, a team member, a support and many other things (which I think would beneficial for me).

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