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Outbound program Experience (Surya Shibir)

Now this term ‘Outbound Program’ was something new to me. Yes got to know from seniors that you would be taken to a a resort and with night stay, team building activities and games. This sounded excited until we read the mail to gather in front of the campus gate at 6:15 am. The program day activities Day 1 5 :00 am : woke up with totally tired eyes, stood


EXPERIENCES THAT MATTER Butterflies in stomach. Excitement of living in a hostel for the first time. Sadness of leaving home, parents and definitely ghar ka khana. Panic for choosing specialization. Being introduced to so many things in such a small amount of time. This is all I felt when I first came into SCIT. Amidst of that we were given our schedule and there we saw an Outbound program called

Lessons for Lifetime-Surya Shibir

                    Hi! I am Raghav Srinivas from Chennai. I am a fresher and I got my results very recently. This is my first blogging experience. So please bear with me considering this is my first attempt. I am going to talk about the outbound programme arranged by SCIT (Symbiosis Institute for Information Technology). It was the first week of my MBA