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Induction Ceremony @ SCIT

There is a very famous saying by Walt Disney, “If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.” And perhaps getting into SCIT – a renowned college for pursuing MBA in Information Technology, with a tag of “Symbiosis”, had been a dream for most of the aspiring students, including me. On 5th June, 2015, which was a Friday, all the future managers were called along with their parents and guardians

Outbound program Experience (Surya Shibir)

Now this term ‘Outbound Program’ was something new to me. Yes got to know from seniors that you would be taken to a a resort and with night stay, team building activities and games. This sounded excited until we read the mail to gather in front of the campus gate at 6:15 am. The program day activities Day 1 5 :00 am : woke up with totally tired eyes, stood


EXPERIENCES THAT MATTER Butterflies in stomach. Excitement of living in a hostel for the first time. Sadness of leaving home, parents and definitely ghar ka khana. Panic for choosing specialization. Being introduced to so many things in such a small amount of time. This is all I felt when I first came into SCIT. Amidst of that we were given our schedule and there we saw an Outbound program called

Lessons for Lifetime-Surya Shibir

                    Hi! I am Raghav Srinivas from Chennai. I am a fresher and I got my results very recently. This is my first blogging experience. So please bear with me considering this is my first attempt. I am going to talk about the outbound programme arranged by SCIT (Symbiosis Institute for Information Technology). It was the first week of my MBA