Experiance at Surya shibir

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Published On: July 1, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Experiance at Surya shibir
3rd june 2015 ,it was my first day when In SCIT D hostel. I was feeling a little lonely and sad and little bit different becasue of change in my environment  as I  come from punjab which is very different from Maharashtra .I was unable to decide with whom to befriend.
SCIT D hostel is an amazing place as it gives platform to intract with other in a unique way like through sports , where everybody come and play differnt games and interact with each other.I also started intracting people in this same way. Then SCIT took me to a place called surya shabir,which was an amazing place. Not just becasue of its beauty but also because of its progarames and events which it organised. Most amazing interactive  sessions ever I have ever come across ,like when they took all students of SCIT, they divided students into random groups of random people , where you don’t know anyone. They organised many games and in every game you had to work in teams which gave you a platform to intract with new people and make new friends . They took us trekking . There I interacted with others and made new friend .When a girl was not able to complete her trekking I helped her throught out the treck which gave us chance to know each other.Before that I barelly knew her. Then sessions like ice breaking session in which everybody is divided into groups of three and had to take each others interview and then had to give presentation about them.This also gave me chance to know two more new persons. When I started this trip I barely knew anyone and thought will get bored there but towards the end i made so many good friend also enjoyed to the fullest. It was one of my best trip ever Now I know everyone and made amazing friends. Thanks to SCIT for giving me such  beautiful experience which i would cherish my entire life .